Markets We Serve

Industrial Automation

KYNTEC designs and manufacturers energy absorption, motion control and vibration isolation solutions for nearly every imaginable aspects of robotics and industrial automation. Chances are good that, if it moves, we already have something available off-the-shelf to help you stop it – safely. If we don’t have a solution today, we can design a custom solution at a highly competitive price, and with shorter lead times than can be found with many other industry off-the-shelf solutions. Click here to learn more.

Energy Production

KYNTEC understands the extreme climates in which energy companies must operate, in order to maximize their production requirements. These are often the most challenging in the world. Whether your requirements call for marine grade stainless steel construction, or product designs that are relatively unaffected by temperature extremes, count on KYNTEC shock absorbers, rate controls and actuators that can effectively meet or exceed your requirements. Click here to learn more.

Aerospace and Defense

KYNTEC energy absorption and motion control products provide effective shock protection and ensure mission-critical capability within demanding aerospace and defense applications. Whether your application involves commercial aircraft, UAV, shipboard, or military vehicles, count on the Kyntec team to design and develop a solution for your exact requirements. Our engineers have more than 25 years of field-proven expertise in these applications, with solution successes across thousands of COTS and special applications. Click here to learn more.


From rail couplers, end-of-way stops, door dampers on sophisticated trains to safety stops, camera and detection mounting systems on harbor cranes, from aircraft luggage bins, seats, to security cameras in subway stations, KYNTEC solves motion control challenges in the most demanding of transportation applications. Click here to learn more about how we can best support your requirements.


Having Fun and Staying Safe shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. Kyntec shock absorber and rate control products provide built-in added safety measurements on amusement rides and motion simulator systems. These systems include shock absorbers, rate controls and actuators for motion control and energy absorption requirements, as well as fail-safe emergency stops, providing added security and peace of mind for passengers and ride operators alike. Click here to learn more.

Mobile Electronics

Take your non-hardened electronics on the road – or offroad – and be certain that they will still work when it counts. Let the experienced team at Kyntec design and development custom shock and vibration solutions for your mobile electronics. Whether your requirements call for fire service, ambulance, railway maintenance-of-way trucks, military vehicles, and even extreme camping, we have proven solutions available. Click here to learn more.

Recoil Mitigation

Law enforcement, sportsmen and competitive shooters alike rely upon recoil dampers to reduce arms wear and tear, shoulder fatigue, and to get and stay on target quicker. KYNTEC designs and manufactures a full range of KynSHOT hydraulic recoil dampers (ITAR controlled). They are quickly and easily installed and can outperform some of the best standard mass and spring buffer technologies presently available on the market.